22 Apr 2014

early Klingon Bird of Prey - Coloration

The early Klingon Bird of Prey of the 22nd Century has a olive-green basic coat.

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Borderland")
I used for this coat Vallejo Model Air:
US Light Grey 71045: 50% and Yellow Olive 71013: 50%

On top of this basic color I washed a light greenish coat with Vallejo Model Color.
German Cam. Bright Green 70833: 40%
White 70951: 20%
Glaze Medium: 40%

For more highlights I mixed this color with Intermediate Green 70891 (20%) and used a old brush with frayed hairs to dot this lighter green on the Bird of Prey. After that I mixed this new color with USA Olive Drab 70889 (40%) and dotted it again on the hull to set darker highlights.

For the hinge plates I used a wash of Field Blue 70964. After that they got a greenish wash to harmonize them with the rest of the vessel's color.
hinge plates shadow: USA Olive Drab 70889

It is very important to give shadows to this small spaceship. Otherwise you can't see any details of the hull structure. All grooves I have washed with Luftwaffe Cam. Green 70823 (30%) + Glaze Medium (70%).

The brown details on the wings are painted with English Uniform 70921.

When I made ​​a test assembly I've noticed that the angle of the impulse engines is not correct. The angle must be smaller. But at this time it's not too late to remove the parts and glue them in the correct angle.

left side: corrected angle          right side: angle as in the kit