6 Jun 2020

The size of the Beacon of Kahless

The Beacon of Kahless was an ancient, sacred Klingon artifact. According to prophecy, it would call together the twenty-four Great Houses of the Klingon Empire, who would then unite in the face of a common threat. The individual who lit the Beacon was known as the Torchbearer.

schematic by Eaglemoss Collection
Commander Burnham meets the torchbearer and kills him on the hull of the Beacon of Kahless by igniting the thrusters of her spacesuit, ramming the Klingon's Bat'leth into his body.

screencapture by trekcore.com (DIS "The Vulcan Hello")

As a result of this collision, both are pushed into space and crash off the beacon's wings. At this moment, the size of the beacon can be calculated well, because the hull pattern allows to identify the impact point.
screencapture DIS: "The Vulcan Hello"
Commander Michael Burnham (actress Sonequa Martin-Green) is 1.64m tall. Therefore I assume the Klingon warrior is about 2m high.
Overall, this results in a length of 156.57m for the Beacon of Kahless.

The impression of the size is also confirmed by the design sketch by Samuel Michlap.

design sketch by Samuel Michlap (ArtStation.com)

25 Apr 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Warp Nacelles

Unfortunately, only one Warp nacelle was designed for the kit and the other mirrored. However, there are significant differences in the design of both nacelles.

top: inside right
below: outside left

top: outside right
below: inside left

The rods are included in the kit, but I sanded them down and replaced them, otherwise the gaps would have been filled. Given the size of the model, I didn't find it adequate.

4 Apr 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Hangar Deck

The deficit of the kit became clear with the hangar deck. Based on my details, which correspond to the studio model of the K'Tinga class, you can clearly see the symmetrical design of the parts.

One side of the hangar deck was designed for the kit and the other was only mirrored. But that's not something you can't replace as a ambitious model maker.

21 Mar 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Impulse Engine

To detail the impulse engine of the K'Tinga class was not very complex. Only a few parts were missing here.

I could only find this one photo that shows what the area above the engines looks like.

K'Tinga-class Studio Model (reference photo by John Eaves)

6 Mar 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Main Body

Only small details need to be added to the front of the main body. This includes an area exactly in the lower center and the removal of the small "pyramid" on the right side.

On the top I added small details in front of the Disruptor towers. I also added small plates that are asymmetrically placed on both sides. This is a small deficit of this model kit. All parts that appear on both sides are mirror-symmetrical. Regardless of the differently worked parts of the studio model.

While studying the reference photos of the original model, I noticed that the angle of the "radiator grill" needs to be changed (white marking).

 I also added small details at the lower front corners.

21 Feb 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Antenna

The supplied antenna at the bottom of the neck to the main body was too roughly designed for me. I built them from the reference photos.

For the correct distance, the antenna sits on two small plastic pieces. The gluing points for these spacers can even be found in the photos of the studio model.

At the bottom there were cavities that I filled with model filler.

7 Feb 2020

Klingon K'Tinga Class - The Neck

After the details of the head section were finished, I took a closer look at the neck.

The small plate on the bottom can only be seen in The Motion Picture. During the later upgrade to the Qo'noS One, it probably fell off and was no longer replaced.

The narrow rods at the top of the neck section are no longer in place on the Qo'noS One. For the K'Tinga I added it with spring steel wire.

At the rear neck (to the main body) was missing a wide strip on either side. I added it with plastic.

I have also adjusted the two small detail areas to the studio model. The now white parts were previously whole blocks. Now, like the original, there is a gap so that you can see inside.