20 Apr 2019

U.S.S. KELVIN - 1/1000 Kit Review

Recently I bought the model kit of the USS Kelvin in 1/1000.

The upper saucer with the repairs as in the movie. If you want to build a new USS Kelvin, you would have to sand it down.

The lower saucer.

Some details of the side saucer, shuttle bay and the too bulky antenna of the deflector.

The main hull.

The Warp nacelle.


Some details of the Warp nacelle and the neck of the main hull.

You can choose if you want to close the weapons or extend them.

The Impulse Engine and Warp nacelle end.

The Deflector Dish.

The decals are very thick. There is one part for a undamaged "new" USS Kelvin and one for a used version. The used version looks almost exactly like the other one. Here I would have liked a variant that has little missing areas in the letters and numbers (and is scratched?).


For all who are interested in the sizes of the spaceships, HERE is an interesting article. Because the finished model has a total length of 31.3 cm, this plastic model would actually have a 1/1110 scale as calculated by the size of the USS Kelvin.

A model base in the form of a detication plaque.

The model base was changed in the final kit. It was still straight for the prototype - now it's trapezoidal.

USS Kelvin prototype for Moebius Models

19 Apr 2019

Klingon Vor'cHa class - Decals

Decals are also supplied with the 3D printed parts I bought to build the Vor'cHa class. Here you can choose between the TNG version and the DS9 version. Because I already decided to paint the DS9 version, I also chose the decals for it.

You can still choose between "new" and "used" versions. I love the used effect. The Klingon emblem looks scratched, which fits very well with the unkempt condition of Klingon spaceships.

The decals for the Radiator Block in darker grey.

The Warp nacelle decals.

The tiny Klingon letters are printed very fine.

The scratched red markings on the Phasers at the back of the ship.

The scratched Klingon emblem on the bottom.

All in all, the decals are very easy to work with. They are thin and therefore fit well with the model. The colors are realistic.

7 Apr 2019

USS Franklin 1/350 3D printed Bridge & Torpedo Launcher

I bought the 3D printed bridge and missing torpedo launcher for the USS Franklin kit in 1/350.

For the walls and consoles I used an mix of:
  • Yellowish Rust (Panzer Aces 303) 50%
  • Light Rubber (Panzer Aces 305) 50%

The floor is a mix of:
  • Light Rubber (Panzer Aces 305) 50%
  • Gunmetal Grey (70863) 50%

The seats are painted with Dark Rubber (Panzer Aces 306). The monitors with black and a whitish green and blue.

11 Mar 2019

Klingon Vor'cHa Class - Coloration

The hull color of the Klingon Vor'cHa class has a mix of 40% Gunship Green (71014) and 60% Pale Blue (71008).
The radiator blocks are brushed in Barley Grey (71051).

I chose the color variation from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

screenshot by trekcore.com (DS9: "The Way Of The Warrior - II")

 For the sand colored plates I used a mix of:

  • Tan Yellow (70912) 60%
  • Ger. Fieldgrey WWII (70830) 30% 
  • Glaze Medium (70596) 10%.

For the Phaser stripes and Phaser blocks on the back I used the same mix and add a little bit Deep Yellow (70915).
The slightly lighter green areas are painted with a mix of 
  • Pale Sand (70937) 20% 
  • Ger. Fieldgrey WWII (70830) 60%
  • Glaze Medium (70596) 10%.

The small bright areas are painted with 
  • Pale Sand (70937) 60% 
  • Ger. Fieldgrey WWII (70830) 40%

 All the small red markings are painted with Red Leather (70818).

For the metallic details in the middle on the Warp nacelles I used Copper (77710).
I painted the three stripes in the back area with Gunmetal (70863).

The dark red colored plates have a mix of:

  • Red Tail Light Ger. (Panzer Aces 307) 30%
  • Ger. Fieldgrey WWII (70830) 60%
  • Glaze Medium (70596) 10%

The details arround the Deflector is German C. Pale Brown (70825).

All windows are painted in White (71001).

The weathering around all panels is a mix of:

  • Track Primer (Panzer Aces 304) 70%
  • Glaze Medium (70596) 30%

25 Jan 2019

Klingon Vor'cHa Class - 3D printed upgrade kit

I bought the Klingon Vor'cha class decals from Omega Shipyard with 3D printed parts. It has nice details to upgrade the model kit.

Improved details of the head section.

The airlock at the rear of the ship.

Detail part of the bottom of the ship.

16 Nov 2018

Reman Scorpion Fighter - Coloration

The Reman Scorpion Fighter has a black base coat with a greenish translucent touch.

To create this special color effect, I first sprayed the model black (Model Air Black 71057).
The green shimmer on the black hull is called interference effect. Here, the color is not only transparent, but also interacts with the base color. The darker the base color, the stronger the effect.

Star Trek Nemesis DVD Documentary (trekcore.com)
By the way: For the first time on Star Trek, these colors were used for the studio model of the Enterprise Refit.
There are special airbrush colors on the market. In this case I bought Aero Shine turquoise (28914).

For the interior I used Model Air Gunmetal 71072.
For the buttons on the LCARS I have used:
- White 70951
- German Yellow 70806
- a mix of Intermediate Green 70891 (50%) + German Yellow 70806 (50%).

The leather seats are painted with Model Color Glossy Black 70861.

I used Model Air Steel 71065 for the Disruptor Cannon.

Because this looked too blank, I wanted a more naturalistic effect. I used the Speckle Effect with a mix of Model Air Gunmetal 71072 (50%) + Steel 71065 (50%).

I painted the bluish light on the back of the wings with Model Color:
+ Field Blue 70964 (25%)
+ Glossy Black 70861 (15%)
+ Silver 70997 (35%).