13 Apr 2014

Is a Klingon K'Tinga Class 214m long?

The official size of a Klingon K'Tinga Class is 214m. The length of this ship was determinated for the first Star Trek movie "The Motion Picture" in accordance with the bridge set.


design scetch and bridge layout by Andrew Probert (memory-alpha.org)

So we got this result for the decks in this ship:

schematic by stunnamed.no.sapo.pt
1. The deck plan above does match with the bridge set in the movie.
2. The "neck part" of the ship is one deck.

1. We have on deck 3 (red marked) two rows of windows but only one deck!
2. On deck 5 (red marked) the windows are in height of the feet.
screenshot by trekcore.com (Star Trek I)

We wouldn't have this problems if we use a length of 349m. To look out - the windows were always at the correct height and we would have two decks for two rows of windows "under" the bridge section.
schematic by stunnamed.no.sapo.pt

In Star Trek VI "The Undiscovered Country" the Qo'noS One looks bigger than 214m. The Enterprise-A is 305m long and flies in the background. The vessels fly at the same angle. As Chekov says in the scene before the Enterprise is very near of Qo'noS One.

screenshot by trekcore.com (Star Trek VI)