3 May 2014

Borg Cube - Coloration Part 1

In the movie the base color of this Borg cube looks like a very cold gray.
screenshot by trekcore.com (Star Trek-First Contact)
Therefor, I mixed my gray with blue. To make it look more metallic, I include silver. I used Vallejo Model Air:
White 71001: 50%
Black 71057: 25%
Blue 71004: 5%
Silver 71063: 20%

The First Contact Borg Cube has many small metallic painted details.

Photo of the original studio model at Christie's Auction (st-bilder.de)
I used Vallejo Model Color: Brass 70801 and Silver 70997.
In order to put more highlights I have painted many of the pipes in Gunmetal 70863.