8 Feb 2015

Star Trek Into Darkness - Klingon Bird of Prey - Kit Review

This is Pierre Drolet's concept design of a not realized Klingon Bird of Prey for Star Trek Into Darkness.
(box art) pierre-drolet-sci-fi-museum.com
Pierre Drolet:
"Long story short, I have been asked to design a small Klingon attack ship "Bird Of Prey" style for the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. The design concept has been rejected by the JJ Abram art department halfway before I could finished it. A lot of Star Trek fans who saw the unfinished version of the Klingon BOP on my website, ask me if I will complete it. So, here we go! I just took a few days to make it look close to what I was aiming, and this is my vision of the redesign Klingon ship."
The resin kit has 42 pieces and the builder will be able to assemble it in the wings up or down. It is a very accurate detailed kit made by the Master Builder Kip Hart.

main section

wing - top side
wing - bottom side

What happened to the design?
The look of the Klingon scout ship is more insectoid and a more "mechanical" as Pierre Drolet's elegant version. The ship in the movie is much smaller and has a different hull configuration because the Klingons rappel off the ship.

CGI model - Pixomondo