17 May 2015

Admiral Marcus - History of Space

Inspired by Fleet Admiral Alexander Marcus' models in his office I would like to present a little history of space in 1/72.

screenshot by Movie-Screencaps.com - Star Trek Into Darkness
Why 1/72?
Firstly, because it is a scale that allows to show quite a lot of models side by side and on the other hand, because there are already many good kits on this topic in 1/72.
A uniform standard in scale is important to me, so that you can see the size relationships between the exhibits.

Milestones of Flight History:
  • Wright Flyer (first successful human flight)
  • Spirit of St. Louis (first transatlantic non-stop flight)
  • A4/V2 Rocket (first long-range guided ballistic missile)
  • X-15 (reaching the edge of outer space)
  • Sputnik 1 (first artificial Earth satellite)
  • Vostok 1 (first human spaceflight)
  • Gemini (develop space travel techniques)
  • Apollo 11 (first human landing on Moon)
  • Space Shuttle (first reusable Shuttle)
  • Warpship Phoenix (first Warp flight)
  • NX-Alpha (test and refine the Warp-5 engine)
  • various Star Trek Shuttles