31 Aug 2015

Nova Class - USS Equinox

The Ship was based on the USS Defiant Pathfinder design. The Pathfinder was part of the background story in the DS9 Technical Manual Sternbach devised to describe the design history of what was to become the Defiant Class.
At the end it was used for the USS Equinox NCC-72381 in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Equinox".
Sternbach's early Defiant (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1 Issue 14)
and the final Nova Class Blueprint
I bought the Nova Class resin model kit in 1/1400. It's only one part - the whole ship is 16,1cm long. I want to use JT Graphics USS Equinox Decals.
Therefore it was necessary to sand some areas like:
  • upper Sendor Bays
  • bottom Sensor Bays
  • RCS Engines
I filled some lines (which doesn't exist) and the upper Deflector for the Decal replacement.

Furthermore, I have revised the structure of the pylons bottom side and corrected the position of the lower Phaser strip.

My USS Equinox should look like in the episode. That's why I added the battle damages.