16 May 2016

The size of the U.S.S. Dauntless from Star Trek Voyager

The USS Dauntless (VOY "Hope and Fear") was an alien starship disguised as a Federation Dauntless-class starship in the late 24th century. Artruis's (the owner of the ship) race Species 116 had been recently assimilated by the Borg. With a devious plan he wanted to assimilate the crew of Voyager by the Borg.

  • The premise for all my deck calculations: a deck is 2,5m + 0,5m for EPS cables, power cables, ... = 3m height for a deck.
  • Starfleet ships from the 24th century have 4m (3m deck high + 1m Jefferies tube) because from the 24th century the Jefferies tubes are located between the decks. Before, they were installed "behind the walls", like side corridors.

On many websites we can find a length of 130m - 150m. The ship isn't a real Starfleet ship but we need a deck high of 4m. Why? Because the USS Dauntless had to be a convincing replica of a Starfleet vessel, in order to deceive the crew of Voyager.

From the MSD (Master Situation Diagram) seen in the Episode we know the position of the decks.

screenshot by trekcore.com (VOY "Hope and Fear")
With this information I have calculated a length of 252m.

schematic by Star Trek Fact Files
In this screenshot it is indeed an extreme angle in which both ships can be seen. With this impression I wouldn't think that the Dauntless can only be 150m long.

screenshot by trekcore.com (VOY "Hope and Fear")