2 Jul 2017

Reman Scorpion Fighter

This is the design sketch of the Reman Scorpion Fighter from Star Trek Nemesis. The Remans are seen for the first time in Nemesis and I love the design of this ship because it looks Reman but is significantly influenced by the Romulan design.

As labeled on the Polar Lights package the scale of the model is truly 1/32. The Fighter is 18,8cm long when it is assembled. This results in a length of 6,01m in 1/1.
design scetch by John Eaves (trekcore.com)

The kit itself is very accurate and nicely detailed. Nevertheless, there are some serious errors which I have corrected:
  • I replaced the bow and detailed it according to the original 
  • the seats I have given a pad 
  • the landing gear is designed after the original 
  • I have extended the struts