16 Nov 2018

Reman Scorpion Fighter - Coloration

The Reman Scorpion Fighter has a black base coat with a greenish translucent touch.

To create this special color effect, I first sprayed the model black (Model Air Black 71057).
The green shimmer on the black hull is called interference effect. Here, the color is not only transparent, but also interacts with the base color. The darker the base color, the stronger the effect.

Star Trek Nemesis DVD Documentary (trekcore.com)
By the way: For the first time on Star Trek, these colors were used for the studio model of the Enterprise Refit.
There are special airbrush colors on the market. In this case I bought Aero Shine turquoise (28914).

For the interior I used Model Air Gunmetal 71072.
For the buttons on the LCARS I have used:
- White 70951
- German Yellow 70806
- a mix of Intermediate Green 70891 (50%) + German Yellow 70806 (50%).

The leather seats are painted with Model Color Glossy Black 70861.

I used Model Air Steel 71065 for the Disruptor Cannon.

Because this looked too blank, I wanted a more naturalistic effect. I used the Speckle Effect with a mix of Model Air Gunmetal 71072 (50%) + Steel 71065 (50%).

I painted the bluish light on the back of the wings with Model Color:
+ Field Blue 70964 (25%)
+ Glossy Black 70861 (15%)
+ Silver 70997 (35%).