14 Feb 2014

Ferengi Marauder

Designer Andrew Probert: 
"The Ferengi ship I wanted to have, not only an obvious shape difference, but a textural difference as well. The original description of the Ferengi ship ship was a horseshoe crab design with a neck that would extend. The front of the ship I wanted to look fairly dangerous. Something that seems real dangerous-looking to me are the pincers on an earwig insect. I designed the front of the ship to basically have that shape. On the underside of the vessel is a boarding ramp which can be seen when the ship turns around. The back of the ship is basically used for cargo storage seeing how the Ferengi are traders." (Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 60, p. 5)
design sketch by Andrew Probert (memory-alpha.org)
This is my resin model kit of the D'Kora Class Ferengi Marauder. It is in scale with the Enterprise-D plastic model kit in 1/1400. To produce the master I used the original plans of the Ferengi Marauder from STAR TREK Fact Files. The Marauder has the correct length of 413m as can be seen in my size chart.

Here are some views of the assembled resin model kit.