28 Apr 2014

Klingon D-4 Class - Coloration

Robert Bonchune constructed the CGI Klingon D-4 Class model of John Eaves design scetch.

CGI model by Robert Bonchune (memory-beta.wikia.com)
I like the gray-brown look of this vessel. That gives this class a early and dark appearance. For the basic hull color I used Vallejo Model Air:
Light Grey 71050: 60%, Light Brown 71027: 40%

The brownish plates are handpainted with Vallejo Model Color:
German Cam. Orange Ochre 70824: 70%, Neutral Grey 70992: 30%

On top of these plates I gave two washings. One with Neutral Grey 70992 and one with Red Lether 70818 for a very slight rust effect. Because these colors are quite strong I have washed it again with the basic color of the plates + Glaze Medium.

After that the greyish parts of the ship got a extrem light washing with German Cam. Orange Ochre 70824 to harmonize it with the brownish plates.

The "Aztec" of the head is painted in German Cam. Black Brown 70822. I don't use the Starcraft Decals for it.