14 Apr 2014

Romulan Bird of Prey - Coloration

I wanted that this Bird of Prey visually fits better in the Romulan fleet. This is the reason why I have used as basic hull color a greenish steel color.

For all my models I use the Airbrush color from Vallejo (Model Air).

basic hull color

Steel 71065 (70%) + Yellow 71002 (15%) + Olive Green 71007 (15%)

I love the Aztec look of this vessel as it can be seen in the remastered TOS episodes.
  • dark Aztec color
    Steel 71065 (30%) + Olive Green 71007 (70%)
  • light Aztec color
    US Grey Light (30%) + Thinner (70%)
  • Aztec details
    Aero Shine Silver (100%) from Schmincke

The end caps of the Warp nacelles and the Torpedo launcher is 100% Steel 71065.