18 Apr 2014

early Romulan Bird of Prey - Coloration

It was a bit difficult to find out which green is the right one for this vessel. Seeking the color is always based on how they have acted in the TV.

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Minefield")
The basic color is a greyish green. I have used Vallejo Model Air:
Camouflage Green 71022 (40%) + Gun 71072 (40%) + US Light Grey 71045 (20%)

The pattern of the hull plates from the 22nd Century Bird of Prey is a washed tint of middle green. These parts are all hand painted with Vallejo Model Color:

  • dark wash color (only on the basic hull color): Dark Seagreen 70868 (50%) + Glaze Medium 70596 (50%) 
  • light wash color (only on the green plates): Uniform Green 70922 (40%) + Park Green Flat 70969 (30%) + Glaze Medium (30%)

What is Vallejo Glaze Medium?
A colorless glaze which is used to mix with acrylic colors, improves fluidity, increases transparency, and slows drying time. Ideal for shadows, shadings, glazes and working with pigments.
Torpedo launcher: 
German Cam. Black Brown 70822
Impulse Engine:
German Yellow 70806

Warp nacelle detail: German Cam. Med. Brown 70826
Windows: Pale Sand 70837
The windows to paint in white seemed too hard. This warmer light is more like the "on screen" impression.