1 Jun 2014

Klingon Goroth's Ship - Coloration

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Bounty")

Goroth's ship has an olive basic color. I used Vallejo Model Air: Interior Green 71010.

For the following coloration it was important: to be very careful and to use a very thin brush. Otherwise, the speckles would be too large and the texture of the ship were very coarse looked like.

Tip: It is good to use for this purpose an old frayed brush.
  • The first step of the painting is a speckling with Vallejo Model Color:
    + German Cam. Bright Green 70833 (20%)
    + Luftwaffe Cam. Green 70823 (40%)
    + Glaze Medium (40%). 
  • In a second step I gave 20% White 70951 into the mix of my color and speckled it again. 
  • In a third step I mixed German Cam. Orange Ochre 70824 with a little bit of my previous color mixture. I spreckled it again to set brownish highlights on the ship. 
  • On top of ONLY the brownish highlights I added a wash of Vallejo Panzer Aces Yellowish Rust 303.

After this I had a very good detailed texture. At next I added the brownish details of the Aztec pattern with a mix of German Cam. Pale Brown 70825 (50%) + German Cam. Medium Brown 70826 (50%).

Like on the early Klingon Bird of Prey - Goroth's ship needed shades: I painted them with German Extra Dark Green 70896.

The Warp Engine is Park Green Flat 70969 (50%) + German Yellow 70806 (50%). On top of that I washed it with only German Yellow 70806 to gave it more shine. For the windows and the red Deflector I used Dark Red 70946.