26 Apr 2015

Airbrush - Evolution Silverline Two in One

For a SciFi modeler an airbrush with interchangeable nozzles is very advantageous because on the one hand large areas to be sprayed and on the other small details need to be sprayed.

The Two in One models contain two nozzle sets in different sizes, providing fast and flexible conversion of the unit for all applications. 

important criteria:
  • solvent-resistant middle section (because we don't like rust)
  • PTFE seals (because they have a much longer life)
  • nozzle sets 0.2 mm & 0.4 mm
  • color cups 2 ml & 5 ml
If you want to seriously airbrushing, you should never buy an airbrush made of plastic! They have a poor quality and break down quickly. In addition, they are difficult to clean because the acrylic paint is combined with plastic during drying.