5 Jul 2015

Suliban Stealth Cruiser - Coloration


screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Shockwave I")
Suliban Ships have a wood-colored tone. For this model I used Vallejo Model Air Mahagony 71036 (30%) Light Brown 71027 (60%).

On this color I gave a dark washing with: 
+ Mahagony 71036 (10%)
+ Leather Brown 70871 (40%)
+ Glaze Medium (50%)

After drying, I applied a bright washing with Vallejo Panzer Aces 301 Light Rust.

In the last step I have given the model shades for more depth with Vallejo Cam. Black Brown 70822.
For the highlights I have dabbed gently Panzer Aces 303 Yellowish Rust. The window color is a mix of White and Pale Blue.