20 Sep 2015

Nova Class - USS Equinox - Coloration Part 1

The hull color of USS Equinox is a "middle grey" with a touch of brown.

screenshot by trekcore.com (VOY - "Equinox I")

For this base color I used Vallejo Model Air:
Barley Grey 71051 (60%) + USAF Light Grey 71121 (30%) + Middle Stone 71031 (10%).

On this color I first airbrushed speckles in Barley Grey 71051 and than in USAF Light Grey 71121 with this airbrush effect because the USS Voyager has a similar effect. The CGI model of the USS Equinox has only one base color.

Now it was time for the hand painted parts.

The dark grey areas are a mix of Vallejo Model color: German Grey 70995 (25%) + USA Olive Drab 70889 (25%) + Glaze Medium (50%). The lighter grey parts are Neutral Grey 70992.
The Plasma injector grid behind the Bussard collector were painted in Ger. Ornage Ochre 70824.

The dome of the bridge is a strong lightened Vallejo Model Color Imtermediate Green 70891 (with white). The illuminated area around the bridge was painted with a mix of the color from the dome + 50% MIG Matt Varnish MIG-089.

The RCS Thrusters and the Phaser strips are painted in Leather Brown 70871. The details on it are painted in Ger. Cam. Black Brown 70822.