4 Oct 2015

Nova Class - USS Equinox - Coloration Part 2

The Illusion of Illumination

Because the USS Equinox of Starcraft is a solid resin model, I wanted to give her the appearance of lighting. All lighting is sprayed with airbrush technique.
  • Bussard Collectors of the Warp nacelles:
    Vallejo Model Air Scarlet Red 71003 (50%) + Yellow 71002 (50%)
    followed by Vallejo White 71001 (30%) + MIG Matt Varnish 089
  • the Warp Field Grid and Deflector:
    Vallejo With 71001 (80%) + Blue 71004 (20%)

The Deflector Dish is hand painted with Vallejo Model Color Leather Brown 70871 and Red Leather 70818.

For the illumination of the vessel name and registration number I have made a mask in an acute-angled triangular shape. It was important to put the mask not directly on the ship. To hold the mask slightly above the model (during spraying) gives the lighting effect blurred edges.
Sprayed in Vallejo With 71001 (20%) + MIG Matt Varnish 089 (80%).