29 Nov 2015

The size of the Andorian battle cruiser Kumari

I don't know why the Andorian Kumari is declared as a "small" ship (around 360m long) on so many websites. That was never seen in the TV-Series Star Trek Enterprise. Neither compared to the Enterprise NX-01 still to Vulcan D'Kyr Class the Kumari is small. On the contrary - the Kumari can keep up with the length of the D'Kyr Class which is more than 600m long.

If the Kumari would be 360m long, the ship would have a deck height of only 2,20m. To obtain a standard deck height of around 3m, the Kumari must be 511m long, which also coincides with the screenshots in the TV-Series.

schematic by drex files

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Cease Fire")

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "Kir'Shara")

screenshot by trekcore.com (ENT "United")