19 Apr 2019

Klingon Vor'cHa class - Decals

Decals are also supplied with the 3D printed parts I bought to build the Vor'cHa class. Here you can choose between the TNG version and the DS9 version. Because I already decided to paint the DS9 version, I also chose the decals for it.

You can still choose between "new" and "used" versions. I love the used effect. The Klingon emblem looks scratched, which fits very well with the unkempt condition of Klingon spaceships.

The decals for the Radiator Block in darker grey.

The Warp nacelle decals.

The tiny Klingon letters are printed very fine.

The scratched red markings on the Phasers at the back of the ship.

The scratched Klingon emblem on the bottom.

All in all, the decals are very easy to work with. They are thin and therefore fit well with the model. The colors are realistic.